Covid secure luxury at Chalet Brames

As we write this, infections are rising across Europe and the UK is descending back into a mini lockdown. So as this year of uncertainty continues neither we nor frankly anybody knows just what the winter holds.

Conscious as we are that summer was a write off for so many we have been giving thought to how we can make Brames both Covid secure and welcoming for the coming season.

Here is our what we want to offer

Firstly we will adopt best Covid prevention practices throughout the season – liaising both with the tourist board here in Meribel and the Health authorities to ensure that we minimise risk to our guests and staff without destroying the ambience of the mountains and the delights of Chalet Brames.

To this end we have decided that all of our staff will live out so that we can maximise a Covid secure environment at the chalet. Hand sanitisation, temperature checks daily, masks and a monthly (deep clean) will form the backbone but with staff living out we can also minimise interaction – so for example femmes de menage will come after guests have left for the slopes and we can either minimise table service in the evenings or run as normal depending on guests requirements.

Secondly and in order to make every stay just as good as can be we will offer our resident ski guide for 6 days complimentary with every week booked. Ollie is part of the Elite Ski with whom we have skied with for many years, he will be on hand throughout and to advise on ski rental, best slopes, restaurants and whatever other needs you may have (Should additional guides be required this can of course be arranged).

Thirdly we are adopting very flexible approach to guest demands during the season. Should you want more or less catering our manager Ruth will be available to discuss all of these requirements with you. Although Brames has never and will never be a self catering chalet, we want to tailor your time to your needs and keep everyone as safe and as looked after as possible.

Fourthly – a Covid guarantee. If the resort or the chalet are closed guests would receive an instant refund or be offered the same week in the following year. Quarantining upon return to home countries is something out of our control and something to be considered when booking, in this ever changing time, however, should a new quarantine rule come into play before you depart and you wish to cancel we would offer a 50% rebate which can be taken as a cash refund or carried over to next year.

Brames has had a bit of a facelift through the summer with smart new cladding and improved insulation everywhere plus new safety barriers. Additionally we have commissioned a new exterior sunken jacuzzi that is being installed next month and have increased the offering at the in house gym.

Meribel Alpina who run the lifts are forecasting a reduction of only 20% in visitor numbers this season, so we are hopeful that both yourselves and we, will still be enjoying the beauty of Meribel this season. The mountains remain as unperturbed, impassive and welcoming as ever and with the forecast for the first 40cms of snow to fall this weekend, perhaps, just perhaps, this will be one of those very big and magical seasons – here’s hoping.

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